Hi, I'm Kaila Shatosky!

UX Designer based in Canada

I am passionate about creating human-centred solutions that empower users.
Solutions that also contribute to a sustainable world for today and tomorrow.

My passion for UX Design comes from my international exchanges in Morocco and Senegal where I learned the value of working directly with users to create solutions that work for the community.

My previous positions in sales, event planning and marketing have given me insights into customer experience and working in cross-functional teams.

My Work

UX Designer

UX Designer,


10 minute read

BrainStation Capstone Project, focused on "How might we educate young adults on diversity in order to promote allyship and inclusivity?"

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Adidas x BrainStation

5 minute read

24-hour hackathon with industry partner, Adidas

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UX Designer,

UX Designer,

Figo Bank

5 minute read

Design Sprint for Figo Bank in partnership with Scotiabank

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Arc'teryx Redesign

5 minute read

Redesign of the Arc'teryx app to focus on community

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